Kildare Community Stories is a Facebook group run by Kildare County Council. They go out and visit community groups around Kildare to get a taste of what is going on for the citizens of the county.

A few weeks ago, they visited us at the John Sullivan Resource Centre in Clane where I work, on a Wednesday I teach a QQI Level 4 in organic horticulture with the focus on food growing, and on Thursday I work with the members on a weekly basis teaching horticulture, working on our biodiversity garden, and most importantly having the chats and socialising with the members, which is as important as everything else that goes on at the JSC.

As part of their visit, we did a pond dip and took them on a tour of our biodiversity garden, we were in luck that day, there were lots of creatures to be found in the pond, and we also managed to catch a buff-tailed bumblebee so we get a close look at it before setting it free again to forage on the early wildflowers that are up in our wildflower meadow, the dandelion, the cowslips and also the early flowers of germander speedwell and common vetch, they were also very interested in the catkins on our willow coppice!

Check out the posts they put up on their Facebook page.

May 2019 Community Stories