Autumn Foraging Session – Digby Bridge, Oct 2021

Gorgeous afternoon on Saturday 30th October 2021leading a foraging session at Digby Bridge near Prosperous in Kildare, we walked and talked about plants and then we came back and cooked our finds by the banks of the canal, beautiful day! It’s been the kind of autumn that the leaves are still on and so are some of the fruits. We were able to forage some haws, elderberries, blackberries and even some meadowsweet, which we made tea from. We made elderberry cordial over the fire, blackberry drop scones and apple and cinnamon fritters, oh and nettle pesto, there was in incredible second flourish of growth on the nettles due to the extended mild autumn so we were able to harvest lots of young, fresh growth and make some yummy pesto! The highlight for me was finding a wild deadly nightshade family member, woody nightshade, with it’s alluring red berries too! Highly poisonous so good to be able to point it out!

With thanks to Prosperous Eco Parish for inviting me to run the workshop, and to Kildare County Council for the funding.