School Garden Book


The Year-Round Organic School Garden book is a practical manual for teachers and educators, focusing on designing and turning school grounds into living classrooms with practical food growing projects, such as setting up raised beds and growing vegetables from seed and creating habitats such as planting mini woodlands and creating wildflower meadows.

The Book was written in collaboration with Growing Wild, Irish Seedsavers, Kerry Earth Education Project, Natural Wild Gardens, and Biodiversity Connections, it was revised and updated from our original publication in 2009.

Product Details

The Year-Round Organic School Garden book is a practical guide for teachers and other education practitioners. It aims to help with the planning, design, creation, and use of an organic school garden with students. It demonstrates the huge possibilities of using the school grounds as an educational resource, to learn about organic food production and the importance of biodiversity. A school organic garden is a practical, long-lasting, and sustainable response to the current environment of climate change, habitat and biodiversity loss, and sustainable development education. By bringing lessons in biodiversity and food production into the heart of the school system, it is ‘Think Global, Act Local’ in action. This environmental and habitat-based school garden design converts the school grounds into a highly stimulating and interactive educational resource.

The guide incorporates cross-curricular activities such as Science, SESE, Maths, and Art into the garden. It sets out practical projects on growing local food, creating biodiversity and native habitats in the school grounds, encourages healthy eating, doing nature-based activities, and getting students active.

It aims to highlight for the students that important link with where their food comes from, and above all is a fun and rewarding project.

Kerry Earth Education Project, Irish Seedsavers, Natural Kitchen Gardens, Growing Wild, Cathy Eastman, and Áine Ní Fhlatharta have been working in practical environmental education for over 20 years, and have recorded this wealth of knowledge in a simple and accessible way to provide teachers and students with the tools to get out in the garden and get growing.