‘Grow Your Own Food’ & Other Courses 2023

I have recently bought my own house with some land in 2022 and am hoping to slowly start running courses here. I was thinking of running a Saturday morning ‘intro to grow your own food’ class. Other possibilities are intro to seedsaving, the wonders of willow, creating a biodiversity friendly garden, native hedgerow planting and how to plant a woodland, among other ideas! If you would be interested in taking part in a class, please email me at the email below. I am also open to suggestions of classes that could happen here!

Possible topics covered on the ‘grow your own food’ course: how to grow your own food, looking at planning and setting up your veg patch, what you can grow when, soil and fertility, crop rotation plans, harvesting and putting your beds to rest for winter.

Other course ideas: planting fruit trees and bushes, how to plant trees and set up a small woodland area, designing your garden for nature and other biodiversity and habitat projects. Various bushcraft topics.

Whether you are a beginner or a more experienced gardener, these courses will be tailered to all levels.

If you are interested please email me, Lucy at lucy@growingwild.ie.