BIODIVERSITY Week EVent 2019- Creating Habitats for Pollinators

I am leading this workshop, along with a local bee expert Jim Wyse, and butterfly expert Pat Bell, for Biodiversity Week next Wednesday night at the John Sullivan Resource Centre, Clane, from 7-9pm. Will be mainly outdoors and interactive! Please spread the word, and come on down if you are interested!

Creating native habitats and planting plans for pollinators in any space from small to large in your garden or in your community. This event will bring together a host of local experts on biodiversity, habitats and pollinators, for a practical evening on how to develop your garden or community space into a pollinator and wildlife haven by introducing a variety of native habitats.

Find out more about the event on facebook here..

With thanks to Kildare County Heritage Office for supporting our work at the John Sullivan Resource Centre. Find out more about what our heritage officer does here.And on Facebook here

Directions to the John Sullivan Resource Centre here:

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